Times of the school day

The school day is from 8.50am to 3.15pm, inclusive of transport times, playtimes and dinner times.

Pupils arrive at school from 8.50am, coming off the education transport (buses and taxis) first, followed by family transport. Registration takes place in class groups.

There is a mid-morning break, which includes snack time and outdoor play, staggered for Primary and Secondary classes, making best use of the outdoor spaces.

Dinner times are staggered with Primary pupils having dinner from 12.00noon followed by playtime. Secondary pupils have an outdoor play from 12.30pm and dinner from 12.45pm. Afternoon registration is at 1.15pm.

Pupils get ready for home and transport time from 3.00pm, with the education transport alighting first, followed by family transport with the school day finished by 3.15pm.