Therapy at Samuel Pepys School

We currently offer Play Therapy, Music Therapy and Person Centred Art Therapy.

At SPS we consider therapeutic support to be very important. Some pupils require therapeutic input to facilitate access to their learning and development, supporting progress toward the outcomes on their EHCP.

Therapy supports a pupil’s communication skills, emotional wellbeing and mental health. It provides a safe space to be and to explore emotions and feelings. The therapies offered are all pupil led, person centred interventions suited to the needs of individuals.

Pupils are referred by their class teacher or a professional who knows them well. They are then seen for a block of sessions. These sessions are monitored and reviewed by the therapist. The duration of therapy is at the discretion of the therapy team and may be an intervention that a pupil returns to at a later point in time if it is felt appropriate. The EHCP review is one mechanism by which the intervention is formally reviewed.

Therapy aims to

  • Develop a pupil’s communication skills including social interaction
  • Develop a pupil’s emotional development and resilience.
  • Reinforce creative learning through play music or art.
  • Support pupils through transitions and change.