Sports Premium

Report on PE and Sports Premium Funding for Year 2017-18

The total amount spent was £15,422 in 2017-18

£12,904 was received from Sports Premium and £2,518 was donated by Friends of Samuel Pepys

The funding provided the following activities:

  • Hiring the St Neots Swimming Pool on a weekly basis for pupils to develop swimming and water safety skills
  • Paying for a Rebound Therapy accredited coach to lead sessions for pupils and enable them to progress to a higher level than the school-based tutors can facilitate.
  • Training of further Samuel Pepys Staff to deliver Rebound Training
  • Purchase of a hoist to be used with the indoor and outdoor trampolines
  • Purchase new trampoline, end decks and trolley to enable Rebound Therapy to be delivered by Samuel Pepys Staff

Impact of Funding:

Action How this was achieved Expected outcomes Cost Impact
Develop pupils swimming and safety skills Hire St Neots swimming pool once a week for the Autumn Term. The pool was  closed for part of the year for refurbishment work. Pupils develop swimming and water safety skills

Pupils develop independence and life skills

associated with visiting a community based leisure centre

£1,400 Pupils have developed swimming skills and received accredited awards evidenced in pupil achievement files (ASA awards – water skills awards and distance).Improvement in fitness and safe swimming skills in and around the water as well as valuable learning in a community environment where life skills are also developed.


Provide access to Rebound Therapy Hire an accredited Rebound Coach for weekly sessions.

Pay for upkeep and servicing of trampoline.

School provides increasing number of pupils with high quality Rebound Therapy that will benefit fitness levels and concentration levels £3,000 Pupils have developed Rebound Trampolining skills that are recognised by the attainment of Winstrada Certificated Levels that are provided by the Rebound Instructors. Pupils’ communication, attention and physical skills have improved and these are evidenced in teacher Assessments, feedback from parents and in the enthusiasm that pupils show towards their sessions.
Purchase a specialist hoist to be used with both the indoor and outdoor trampolines. Worked with Symmetrikit who designed and built a prototype gantry hoist that can be raised and lowered so that it can provide access to both trampolines. Pupils can access the indoor and outdoor trampoline regardless of physical ability. An increased  number of pupils can access a highly beneficial therapy that will have a significant impact upon their physical well being £3,761 Pupils will have increased access to a physical therapy

Engagement and communication of pupils will increase

Physical benefits of Rebound Therapy are well documented and an activity becomes accessible to all pupils at Samuel Pepys School

Provide training of further 6 members of staff to deliver Rebound Training


An accredited Rebound Therapy coach delivered 2 days of in-house training to Samuel Pepys staff and staff from 3 other Special Schools. Increased number of Rebound Therapy sessions offered within the Gym and on the outdoor trampoline. £3,000

(Cost was brought down by charging other schools to send staff)

Staff receive a commitment to ongoing CPD

Pupils are able to spend more time on Rebound Therapy

Samuel Pepys School develops it’s skills and reputation for delivering

Rebound Therapy

Pupil engagement and progress is maintained and enhanced.

Purchase new Trampoline, end decks and trolley


The school previously hired a trampoline and end decks from a Rebound Therapist. The school purchased its own trampoline and end decks which are in line with Rebound Therapy recommendations. School offers weekly Rebound Therapy sessions to pupils that will benefit.

School can deliver further training to gain advanced accreditation


£4,261 No further payments required for hire of equipment.

Rebound Therapy available to all pupils, as appropriate

School responsible for upkeep and servicing of trampoline



 Looking forward

What are the plans to spend the pupil premium for the financial year 2018-19?

  • Enable staff to access Rebound Plus training
  • Buy new mats for the Primary and Secondary gyms
  • Provide access to the local community swimming pool
  • Award swimming achievements with ASA swimming Awards
  • Develop outside learning, including access to Forest Schools