Please keep an eye on the weather 24/1/21

Dear Families

The joys of winter weather! 

Hope you may have had some fun in the snow today. Am mindful that there may be freezing conditions overnight and whilst the main routes may have been gritted, this may have some impact upon travel for pupils and staff on Monday morning. At this stage, Samuel Pepys School will be open on Monday 25th January for the pupils already identified as most vulnerable and children of critical workers. 

However, if conditions deteriorate overnight it may be necessary to close or reduce provision for Monday. If this is the case, a message will be placed on the school website in the morning. 

In event of the decision to close and if we have enough staff who live locally and can safely get into work, we would wish to offer provision for the small number of children of absolutely essential frontline staff (working onsite for the NHS or social care) and we will communicate directly with those families in the morning. 

If we are open and you choose not to send your child into school tomorrow because of the weather or travel conditions, please do phone the school office from 8.00am to let us know. Please also let your transport provider know. We do understand and absence would be coded to reflect adverse weather. 

Fingers crossed the roads will be safe for travel in the morning. 

Please stay safe and keep warm