MiLE room monitor / projector.

The computer in the MiLE room has both a flat panel monitor and a projector attached. By default it has the desktop on the monitor ‘extended’ to have further empty desktop space showing on the projector.  So, when using ‘Room director’ for example it shows the program on the monitor desktop and the scenario to the projector.

You can change this to have both the monitor and the projector displaying, or ‘duplicating’ the same desktop, by using these steps.

Right clicking on the desktop will present the menu shown on the left, select screen resolution will open the screen resolution control panel shown below.

Pressing the ‘identify’ button will briefly overlay large numbers to confirm which desktop is which.


  • Select the 2nd monitor by clicking on it (or from the Display dropdown box).
  • Click the ‘Multiple displays’ dropdown box, and select Duplicate desktop on 1 and 2.
  • After making the selection, press Apply to make the changes;

  • The screens may briefly blank, and you should be presented with matching desktops along with a popup that requires confirmation of the changes within about 15 seconds – press ‘Keep changes’;

You can now close the control panel.

To change back to having an extended desktop, the procedure is similar – just select ‘Extend desktop to this display’ and again apply, then confirm the changes.