Literacy Lounge Launch

Today marks the official opening of our brand new Literacy Lounge! The room was opened by Jenny Knight, Chair of Governors, accompanied by a group of pupils, keen to have a peek, and Caroline and Jo from the Friends of Samuel Pepys Association. Pupils enjoyed a performance of “Squash and a Squeeze” with Kim and Chris in character and costumes! IMG_4133 IMG_4134 IMG_4136 IMG_4135[1] IMG_2152

The literacy lounge will provide a dedicated space to enjoy and choose books, be that to read quietly or to listen to an interactive story with other pupils. The new learning space offers benefits for all pupils, helping enhance development of listening, concentration and as well as developing a love of books, pictures, reading and listening to stories. These resources were previously stored in corridor areas but we now has a dedicated area, complete with new shelving and seating.

The lounge will make a significant difference for our pupils by providing access to books and sensory stories with big books, sensory story boxes and a range of fiction and non-fiction books.

The room has been funded by the Friends of Samuel Pepys School who contributed £12,000 to the installation. The Friends are a registered charitable organisation whose aim is to raise additional funds for the benefit of the pupils. Through fund-raising and donations they provide resources and experiences over and above what the school budget provides.

Come and have a look when you are next in school.