Key stage 3.

You can view an introduction to areas of work to be covered  (This is an adobe .pdf document.  You can download a free viewer).

Senior 2 had a lovely time at Midsummer Common Fair in Cambridge recently. They enjoyed lots of rides and had a picnic lunch.

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Senior 1 went to see the Buckden Towers as this half term they are working on Castles.

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They also made their own castle as a class.

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Literacy – Senior 2 learning about the ‘Whatever next’ story – acting out the story, using resources (helmet – sieve, wellies – space boots)  making rockets using numicon, pre-cut 2D shapes.

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Discovery – PM group made bread with and without  yeast – compared the result. Student observing the microorganisms/ lives in the water collected from a puddle in the playground etc..

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We also had a visit from Zoo Lab and were able to touch some of the animals.

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Key stage 3 went to the Space Centre yesterday and had a great time. Here are a few photos from Senior 1.

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S1 have been doing work on The Tempest, Elm group KS3 were making Lighthouses as they learnt about Grace Darling and Zoo lab meeting the turtle.

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