The Governing Body is a group of volunteers who work with the head and the staff of the school to ensure that all our children and young people receive the best possible learning experience.  The three key roles are to:

  • provide strategic direction for the school
  • work with the headteacher to raise standards and promote the safeguarding and well being of students
  • ensure accountability.

Governors are not expected to make day to day decisions about the running of the school, this is the job of the headteacher.  Neither do they need specialist skills, just the ability to listen, think through new ideas and decide what is best for the school.  They do need to be able to work as a team and to be able to commit to regular attendance at meetings as well as giving some time to preparing for meetings.

Governors at Samuel Pepys meet as full governing body once each term.  There is an extra meeting in May each year to approve the School Improvement Plan and the Budget.  Each governor is a member of one of two committees: Personnel and Curriculum or Finance and General Purposes.  These each meet once each half term and specific responsibilities are delegated to each by the full governing body.

Click here to download the DfE Governance_Handbook as a pdf
(from as of 01/2017)

Click here to download the Local Authority Governor Guidance Notes as a pdf
(Produced by School Governance Team, Cambridgeshire County Council 09/2017)

Our Current Governing Body (Correct as of January 2019)


Samuel Pepys School  – Governor Information 2018-19


Committees Category of Governor Appointed by Term End Relevant Business Interest Governor at Other Schools Relationship with Other Governors or Staff
Christine Bullock Personnel & Curriculum Staff Elected 01/12/2019 Member of Staff None None


Chris C Personnel & Curriculum Parent Elected


30/09/2019 None None None
Andy Dawson



Finance & General Purposes


Health & Safety

Parent Elected 16/11/2021 None None None
Adrian Dodman


Finance & General Purposes

Personnel & Curriculum

Parent Elected 29/12/2018 None None None
Richard Glass Finance & General Purposes


Co-opted Governing Body 03/05/2021 None None None


Joanne Hardwick


Finance & General Purposes, H&S, Personnel & Curriculum Head


n/a n/a Member of Staff None None
  Penny Kirkpatrick Finance & General Purposes Co-opted


Governing  Body 31/10/2020 Member of Staff


None None
Jenny Knight


Finance & General Purposes, Personnel & Curriculum Co-opted Governing Body 02/11/2020 None None None
Anne McCormick Personnel & Curriculum Co-opted Governing Body 07/02/2022 Director of Educational Consultancy None None
Tamsin Olney Personnel & Curriculum (Chair) Parent Elected 28/02/2021


None None None
Mary Read Finance & General Purposes


LA Local Authority 24/01/2022 OT consultant to school None None
   Tracey Crawshaw Clerk
Former Governors
Chris Baker

Resigned 21/07/18

Personnel & Curriculum

Clerk to P&C

Co-opted Governing  Body 07/03/2021 Member of Staff None None
Greg Wright

Resigned 26/02/18

Finance & General Purposes (Chair) Co-opted Governing  Body Nov 2017 None None None


Composition of Governing Body (14)

3 Parent Governors (2 Vacancies)

1 Headteacher

1 Staff Governor

1 Local Authority Governor

6 Co-opted Governors (2 Vacancies)

Here is the attendance register of Governors at our meetings AttendanceRegisterDecember2018