FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Can my child have a place at Samuel Pepys?

Children with a full Statement of SEN who live locally to school can be considered for a place. Places are allocated by the Local Authority according to their assessment of need, not by the head teacher as in mainstream schools. Contact the START team on 01480 372600 if you think your child needs placing in a special school in Cambs. Prospective parents are welcome to visit by appointment. Please telephone school.

How can I help my teenager keep safe online?

The website http://www.em-esafetyproject.co.uk/parents-carers has e-safe T tips for parents and carers. They are written by and for young people with learning difficulties. School uses the materials to promote e-safety with vulnerable students.

What is an IEP?

 This is your child’s Individual Education Plan. It matches the objectives from their Statement of special education needs to targets that will help your child progress towards achieving the objectives over time. Targets for the IEP will be discussed and agreed together at the annual review. The teacher will note progress towards each annual target each term and you will likely discuss this at parents meetings too.

What do all those acronyms mean….?

Education is full of acronyms which are the initial letters of things we talk about a lot and want to say or write in a short form.  Common ones are;

SEN Special Educational Needs

IEP individual Education Plan

SaLT Speech and Language Therapist

OT Occupational Therapist

EP Educational Psychologist

HT Headteacher

AHT assistant headteacher

DHT Deputy Headteacher

SENCo Special Educational Needs co-ordinator

SDP School Development Plan

SSEN Statement of Special Educational Needs

LA Local Authority

LAC Looked After Child

AAC augmentative/assisted communication

SEAL Social Emotional aspects of Learning

PD or PSHE Personal Development or Personal Social Health Emotional

DT Design and Technology