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Moving photos from iPads…

You can easily copy photos* from iPads (excluding the MiLE room iPad) to the ‘Temp Share (V:)‘ drive on the server without using the file explorer application or needing to log on by using the following steps – see the video below.

  • Select your photos (without selecting any videos)
  • Press the share icon (square with an upward arrow on the top left of the screen)
  • Press the print icon
  • Press the printer and select ‘Save to temp share’ (if not already selected).
  • Press print and you’re done!

* Note: this will only work with photos, it will not work with videos.

YouTube asking for Flash Player issue

This issue has been resolved, if you reboot your computer it should pick up the required change quicker.

If you have left the Active X Filtering enabled then please ensure you disable it again to enable flash to work.

To check / change the setting if you click the Tools ‘cog’ icon that’s near the top right of the browser, and select ‘Safety’ and then ‘Active X Filtering’  – it’s correctly disabled in the image below, it would show a tick if it was enabled and clicking the setting toggles the two.YouTubeInstallFlashCog