Adding a ‘foreign’ device (e.g. iPad) to our Guest WiFi network

Notes about and how to add (for example) a students iPad to our guest WiFi network within School for internet only access (BYOD).

The WiFi network to connect to is SPS-Guest and the current password is available from the office – please let them or myself know about each and every device being added.
This password may occasionally change, but it is not expected to be often.

After connecting to the network (Settings / WiFi), you need to manually set the details of the proxy server to allow internet access.

This is done at the bottom of the WiFi page under HTTP Proxy by selecting Manual.


The server address is and there is a choice of four port numbers to use that will select the level of internet filtering.

8081 – Primary | 8082 – Middle | 8083 – Secondary | 8084 – Staff.

It should be noted that with a manual configuration there is nothing preventing this port from being changed…

It should also be noted than any email other than the county’s (other than browser based) will not be accessible – this is true on any of our networks.