JOFI preparatory school in The Gambia.

Samuel Pepys School now has a partner school in Gambia called Jofi.

Samuel Pepys School

St Neots




Certificate of Partnership with

Jofi School

Latri Kunda


Our vision is for all our pupils to

“Move forwards together”

Signed; 1 Jan; 2010

Fiona Goff; Jofi School

Mandy Green, Samuel Pepys School

Fiona Goff, now director of our partner school, started to visit a little local school on a daily basis having moved to Gambia for her health, She was shocked at the schools facilities….a pitted holey floor, termite infested roof , no  toilets and just a few splintering benches for tables and 2 small blackboards precariously balanced on broken chairs. That was it …no pens , paper , balls, toys  and everything was being learnt by chanting, due to the lack of resources . She started by helping for 10 weeks and had some very amazing experiences, including being left with 60 children to cope alone, when one of the teachers was knocked off his bike. She returned the following year and did the same again. In the meantime she raised money with car boot sales, markets and radio programmes. She has set up a website which is still running and you can see some photos there and stories. This year the building had deteriorated so much and when she was trying to teach few weeks ago the roof was peeling back and debris falling on the children during a storm. Fiona says “It was a disaster waiting to happen and we were looking for a new building but nothing was affordable . Our students have to pay for their tuition, as there is very little government funding for education in the country.  Most families here live hand to mouth so getting any money from fees to pay rent and teachers wages is very hard. I have seen children turned away crying and its heart wrenching. They come to school sometimes hungry and wragged but they are always so happy to be at school.
Recently we closed Hope school as the building was very dangerouus and Roy and I are helping fund the schools new rental ageement whilst it establishes itself in a new building we have been offered.We have  opened up a new school called Jofi School and I am in partnership with Mr Joseph Kajue to run it .We moved from the previous building as it was very dangerous.
We have 10 small rooms and 2 toilets and are aiming for about 120 children in order to afford the rental commitments. We teach nursery 1,2 and 3 and primary 1,2 and 3 but that gives us an age range from about 2years 6 months upto about 11 as gambians dont really stick to their age groups.

Below are some photos of our partnership  School Jofi.